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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our mods on the Pulsr Discord

What is Pulsr?
Discover NFTs and be a culture maker!

Pulsr is the social fabric you join to shape culture, discover NFTs and get rewarded for it. Join other NFT enthusiasts, artists and culture makers who are on a mission to shape the future of digital art, together.
How do I access Pulsr?
Pulsr is in closed beta and is only accessible through Pulsr’s NFT member cards. These unique Pulsr NFT membership cards are used as access passes for our community of culture makers to use the platform before anyone else.

If you already have the Pulsr Membership Card, please connect your wallet in the header to access the platform!
How do I get a Pulsr NFT access pass?
Pulsr membership cards are the only way to access the Pulsr social platform. Our waitlist for our first Pulsr NFT membership card, the OG 11.11 Edition, has now closed.

For those who missed the first membership card release, The Circle Lounge on Pulsr’s Discord is now open for future community members to chill, vibe and get the latest on Pulsr membership card releases.

If you are having trouble accessing the Pulsr platform with your OG membership card please go to #Community-Help on Pulsr’s Discord for assistance.
What is Pulsr’s mission?
We build for the art crazy, NFT enthusiasts, artists, collectors and curators who believe that art is ready to go Web3. By providing the hub for digital culture makers to shape art culture in the digital realm, Pulsr is the social fabric for web3 native generations to share, interact and consume digital art culture.
How do I find out more?
Go where the magic happens. All project and community updates are distributed through Pulsr’s Twitter and Discord.